CHAIN joins University of Nottingham Synthetic Biology Research Centre

July 31, 2015

CHAIN Biotechnology Ltd is proud to announce a new collaboration with Professor Nigel Minton’s Clostridial Research Group at the University of Nottingham’s recently-established £14.3 million Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC). Two strain development scientists will begin working full-time within the SBRC alongside world leaders in the field of Clostridial research. The CHAIN team will utilise cutting-edge synthetic biology and metabolic engineering tools developed in the centre for creating industrially robust microbial hosts or “chassis” for the production of high-value fine chemicals.

Dr Edward Green comments “We are excited to work with the SBRC led by Professor Nigel Minton and get the opportunity to access world class science, research expertise and capability. The integration of a company within an academic research centre is a new way to work and one that should accelerate the commercialisation of research outputs.”

Dr Alan Burbidge, Centre Manager SBRC-Nottingham added: “These are exciting times for synthetic biology and having a close relationship with CHAIN gives us the opportunity to build closer links between academia and industry to exchange knowledge and to translate new techniques and materials in microbial synthetic biology to the industrial base for real-world applications.”