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CHAIN Wins Business Interaction Voucher with University of Nottingham

CHAIN Biotechnology has been awarded a £5,000 Business Interaction Voucher in partnership with the University of Nottingham’s Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC). The Voucher, awarded by the Plants to Products (P2P) Network in Biotechnology and Bioenergy and funded by the BBSRC, will fund a project to develop a multi-parallel bioreactor screening method for anaerobic bacteria.

Important Anaerobes

Anaerobes like Clostridium are capable of producing a variety of useful chemicals including the biofuel butanol and the solvent acetone. Research into developing novel strains of Clostridia for productive use has been hampered by a lack of tools and methods for cultivation and screening. CHAIN aims to use recent fermentation advances to develop a micro-cultivation methods for the screening different Clostridia strains.

CHAIN is partnering with Clostridia researcher Dr Klaus Winzer, Associate Professor at the University’s £14.3m SBRC under Professor Nigel Minton. Through this project, CHAIN aims to develop new academic ties in the field of Clostridia research.

Accelerating Strain Development

CHAIN’s CEO, Dr Edward Green, said “We are happy to start a new project with this Voucher from P2P. This enables us to tap into academic expertise at the SBRC and access specialist equipment to accelerate strain development.”

This Voucher from P2P marks CHAIN’s first grant award from the BBSRC-funded Networks in Biotechnology and Bioenergy. CHAIN will also be represented by Research Manager Dr Dana Heldt at the P2P showcase at the Pendulum Hotel, Manchester, on November 10th and 11th.

See a full list of the BIV winners here.

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