pMTL80000 Series

CHAIN licenses advanced molecular tools and engineered strains from the University of Nottingham for its microbiome therapeutics research programme. We have made these tools available under licence for other academic and commercial researchers.


Modular shuttle plasmid vectors allow a systematic approach to plasmid design and construction. The pMTL80000 series, developed by the Minton group at the University of Nottingham, contains 18 modules flanked by four rare type II restriction sites. These Plasmids are utilised by CHAIN in its own research, and are available under licence to other researchers in the field.

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In order to distribute the 18 modules in a convenient way, we provide several vectors as a kit from which any of the other 395 possible combinations of modules can be easily constructed in one or a few cloning step(s) using AscI, FseI, PmeI and SbfI (and optionally in some cases ApaI).

Commercial use

pMTL80000 plasmids for commercial and industrial use may be requested by contacting CHAIN via the link below or at: info @

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Academic use

pMTL80000 plasmids for academic research use only may be requested via the link below. ‎

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If you would like to add another useful module to the system and are willing to share it, then please get in touch.

Synthetic Biology Research Centre, University of Nottingham

pMTL80000 Series Kit

Plasmid Gram+ replicon Marker Gram replicon Application-specific
pMTL80110 0. spacer 1. catP 1. p15a 0. spacer
pMTL82254 2. pBP1 2. ermB 5. ColE1 + tra 4. catP reporter
pMTL83353 3. pCB102 3. aad9 5. ColE1 + tra 3. Pfdx + MCS
pMTL84422 4. pCD6 4. tetA(P) 2. p15a + tra 2. Pthl + MCS
pMTL85141 5. pIM13 1. catP 4. ColE1 1. MCS
pMTL82151 2. pBP1 1. catP 5. ColE1 + tra 1. MCS
pMTL83151 3. pCB102 1. catP 5. ColE1 + tra 1. MCS
pMTL84151 4. pCD6 1. catP 5. ColE1 + tra 1. MCS
pMTL85151 5. pIM13 1. catP 5. ColE1 + tra 1. MCS