CHAIN Obtains Grant Funding For Collaborative Projects

June 10, 2016

June 11, 2016 – London, UK. CHAIN Biotechnology Ltd has won grant funding for two new research collaborations which advance CHAIN’s synthetic biology platform and microbial engineering capabilities.

The first project – called PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) – sees CHAIN partnering with the University of Nottingham. PUFA will use advances in synthetic biology to develop microbial fermentation on methane gas to produce a sustainable source of valuable Omega 3 fatty acids which are currently harvested from fish oil. This ground-breaking research will be performed at the University of Nottingham’s £14.3m Synthetic Biology Research Centre and is funded by InnovateUK, the UK’s Innovation agency. This project will run for one year and cements the current partnership between CHAIN and the University.

CHAIN has also secured a grant to facilitate collaboration with Singapore-based AdvanceSyn to develop a predictive model to aid in Clostridium metabolic engineering. CHAIN will provide growth and metabolic data from their Chiral Switch™ strains of Clostridium to feed into the computer model being developed by AdvanceSyn. The model will be used to identify metabolic “bottlenecks”, supporting a rational strategy for genetic manipulation and Clostridium strain improvement for high-value chemical production. The project is funded by SynbiCITE (Imperial College, London).

CHAIN’s Chief Executive, Dr Edward Green, said: “PUFA builds on our existing relationship with the University of Nottingham in translating academic outputs to high-value nutritional products. The modelling project with AdvanceSyn is a new collaboration that allows us to access metabolic modelling capability to accelerate our strain development efforts. Both projects align with CHAIN’s core values: Technical Leadership, Making a Difference, Teamwork and Partnership.”


CHAIN Biotechnology Ltd, The Clostridia Technology Company, was founded by Dr Edward Green and Dr Basil Omar in 2014 to develop strains and tools for the metabolic engineering of Clostridia bacteria for use in industrial biotechnology, healthcare and nutritional markets. The Company utilises cutting-edge synthetic biology techniques and leading experts in the field to develop new technologies and products in a cheaper, sustainable and eco-friendly way.