CHAIN’s Clostridium Assisted Drug Delivery (CADD™) platform is centred on precision engineering of a Clostridium bacterial strain to deliver a therapeutic payload to the gut.

The approach provides targeted delivery to the large intestine, an anaerobic segment of the lower digestive tract where Clostridia thrive. Engineered strains are manufactured in spore form and formulated into tablets for ingestion. Spores tolerate stomach acid and germinate in the colon. Cells grow and then release the bioactive molecule.

Our CADD™ platform is robust. The host microbe has a wide substrate range and high growth rates.  The host is also proven as a delivery vehicle, safe and provides a high degree of control not found with other delivery mechanisms.

CHAIN’s technology is disruptive, overcoming many of the challenges associated with conventional drug delivery to the gut.

CADD™ supports a pipeline of bioactive compounds including anti-inflammatory therapeutics, ketone bodies, anti-microbial compounds, and other signalling molecules.