CHAIN Biotech secures Japan patent

May 31, 2022

Following successful patent applications in the EU and US, CHAIN have extended their patent territories and claimed delivery of β-hydroxy butyrate (β-HB) to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract in Japan. The patent family (publication number: WO2018055388) ‘Compositions and uses thereof for treating inflammatory diseases and probiotic compositions’ covers genetically engineered bacterial strains to express β-HB in the lower GI tract.

β-HB has gained recent attention as a powerful therapeutic targeting a variety of GI diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer. However, traditional delivery methods present overloading issues surrounding carrier substances such as salts or esters; a factor which can be bypassed by direct delivery of β-HB to the lower GI tract. CHAIN’s novel CADD™ platform bacterial strain is engineered to secrete β-HB on arrival in the lower GI tract where it can elicit its therapeutic effects, removing the need for additional compounds.

A recent Nature publication has highlighted a possible role of β-HB in the suppression of colorectal cancer by modulating gene expression and inhibiting cell proliferation. The research presents promising future roles of β-HB as an oncological therapeutic.

CHAIN hopes to further extend the patent in the future, to maximise the impact of therapeutic β-HB in treating GI disease.