Oncology expert joins CHAIN’s Board of Directors

December 19, 2023

Dr Zahid Bashir joins CHAIN Biotechnology’s Board as the new Non-Executive Director (NED) bringing extensive oncology expertise to CHAIN’s pipeline.

CHAIN recently reports its expansion into the immune-oncology field, using its proprietary technology to develop immuno-therapeutic candidates with the potential to enhance the efficacy of anti-cancer agents such as Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs). This programme runs alongside existing collaborations with the University of Oxford to develop and improve superior Human Rotavirus (HRV) oral vaccines as part of the Anti-Infectives programme.

Dr Bashir brings to the Board a wealth of experience spanning positions in Roche, Bristol Myers Squibb and Kite. He oversaw the successful regulatory approval of a number of innovative drugs including cell and gene therapy products, with an academic background including internal medicine and oncology training in the National Health Services and a Masters in Clinical Oncology from the University of Birmingham. Dr Bashir’s deep-rooted expertise in oncology will be invaluable at this progressive time in CHAIN’s development.

Dr Bashir said:

“I am thrilled to join CHAIN as a Non-Executive Director to steer a pioneering journey in harnessing Clostridium’s potential to revolutionize oral drug delivery and immune system modulation. My role will focus on strategic guidance and mentoring our scientific team, driving innovation in this cutting-edge field.”

Dr Bashir replaces the previous NED of nine years, Robert Rickman, who played a pivotal role in developing CHAIN’s fermentation process development. Mr Rickman was CHAIN’s first Chairperson before stepping down as CHAIN extended their focus towards therapeutics and remained an instrumental member of the Board.

About CHAIN Biotech

CHAIN Biotechnology is a microbiome therapeutics company based at MediCity Nottingham. CHAIN develops oral vaccines and immuno-therapies targeting the lower gastrointestinal tract with several therapeutic candidates in pre-clinical development.

CHAIN’s Clostridium Assisted Drug Development platform (CADD) technology is based on a single, but highly effective, Clostridium bacterial strain that is engineered to deliver a specific therapeutic modality, whilst also secreting metabolites that play key roles in gut and immune system homeostasis. The engineered strains produce the therapeutics in situ during growth in the lower gastrointestinal tract, impacting on the systemic and mucosal immune system.

The CADD platform supports oral drug delivery that is targeted and controllable. In addition, our live biotherapeutics can be manufactured easily and cost-effectively and are highly stable (no cold chain logistics). The technology overcomes many of the challenges associated with drug delivery and vaccination.